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Praise for Young Yogi

Praise for Young Yogi


After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018, the book is now available to order directly from this website.

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Yoga Sutras Through the Eyes of a Child

Edwin Bryant

Professor of Hinduism, Rutgers University

Author of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: A New Edition, Translation, and Commentary

In his Yoga Sutras, Patanjali's presents a philosophy that we are not this restless and ever dissatisfied mind, but pure consciousness at our deepest core.  But as every parent knows, young children are especially challenged to separate themselves from the volatility and pressures of their emotions and desires.  

Loosely and creatively following the sequence of the first chapter of the Sutras, The Yogi and the Mind Monsters is a richly evocative and captivating tale that will be welcomed by yogi parents seeking tools to instill Patanjali's seemingly daunting yoga philosophy into their children. Through a series of very lively and fun-filled adventures suitable for young children, the story presents the conceptual framework of the teachings - that our ultimate natures are distinct from the impulses of this monster mind, which so frequently acts against our best interests - along with practical techniques as to how to control it.

Another welcome  example of yoga philosophy's inherent ability to benevolently effect all areas of our modern world, including, in this Tale, our most precious one, the minds of our children.  

This delightful children's story is for everyone: young, middle-aged, and elderly. Join Young Yogi as innocence fades away and he makes the journey to self-discovery. Thoughts shape reality; Young Yogi learns how to play with the mind, awake and in dream, plumb the depths of the ocean and rise above it all.  

The craft of illustrated story telling comes alive here, with lessons on the power of Yoga in abundance on every page!

Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology, Loyola Marymount University

Christopher Key Chapple

Author of Yoga and the Luminous: Patanjali's Spiritual Path to Freedom

Author of Yogāvatāranam: The Translation of Yoga, PhD candidate

Zoë Slatoff

Sonja’s new book brings the Yoga Sūtras to life in a brilliant re-imagining that captures their meaning in surprising ways at each turn. It is both a wonderful introduction to this fundamental yoga text and also a means to rediscover it anew, bringing us on a journey through these ancient sayings. Every page of the story is a joy, accompanied by beautiful, colorful, vibrant illustrations.

Having spent many years reading, translating, and discussing the sūtras, I know it is not easy to convey their essence in an understandable way. Though written as a book for children, this book is a treasure for adults, too. I am already hoping there will be a sequel to take us through the rest of the Yoga Sūtras!

Sonja Radvila’s retelling of the Yoga Sūtras captivates the hearts and minds of children and adult seekers alike. This joyful one-of-a-kind story takes the reader to the essence of the yogic wisdom in a lucid as well as relatable way.

Along with the exquisite illustrations, Young Yogi’s exploration into our ability to break free from suffering and find peace in life is a true must read.

Sharmila Desai

Co-Author of Yoga Sadhana for Mothers, Founder of Ashtanga Yoga Morjim

Author of Yoga Dharma,
Founder of Ashtanga Yoga London

Hamish Hendry

Sonja and Kaori have done something amazing. They have made the Yoga Sūtras accessible for kids and badly educated adults (me). With the awareness of mental health issues in kids, this book gives keys to unlock doors to happiness, understanding the mind and peace, which are the same thing.

Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras are notoriously difficult to understand with the many commentaries available. This new understanding gives light where there is darkness.

Since it's conception I have watched the gestation of the wonderful ideas that are today delivered as Young Yogi. Reading the final version of this little treasure in print brought tears to my eyes. Shining through each page, through each beautifully illustrated adventure is the heart and love of its author.

This offering is incredibly sweet in its essence and deserves to be shared far and wide as a light-hearted addition to a yoga culture than can sometimes take itself a little too seriously. Joyful, uplifting and suitable for yogis of all ages. Well done Sonja Radvila!

Luke Jordan

Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher,
MA Indian Religions

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