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The Yoga Sūtras through a child's eyes!


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The Sūtras Retold

The Sūtras Retold

About Young Yogi

Young Yogi and the Mind Monsters is an imaginative interpretation of Patañjali’s classic Yoga Sūtras. Never before has there been such a unique book which explains this complex philosophy in storybook form. And like any good story, it has lots of zany characters, dramatic action, comic relief and heart.

This is not just an intriguing tale, but a comparative tool. Young Yogi’s adventures follow the sequential order of the sūtras as they appear in Patañjali’s first chapter, Samādhi Pada.  Readers can gain a deeper understanding by comparing the annotated moments in the book with a traditional translation in the appendix.

This book features amazing illustrations by professional artist Kaori Hamura Long; a foreword by certified yoga teacher, Dena Kingsberg; and sūtra translations by certified yoga teacher, Luke Jordan, MA in Indian Religions.

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Young Yogi

Mind is a Monster!

Young Yogi
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Mind is a Monster!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018, the book is now available to order directly from this website.

Shipping Worldwide!

Yoga Sutras Through the Eyes of a Child

What Makes Young
Yogi Unique?

This is more than a quirky tale!

Sūtras Explained As A Storybook

Built upon the order of the sūtras as they unfold in Patañjali's first chapter, and explained in a simple, fun, and adventurous way!

Annotated so you can compare what's happening in the story with a traditional interpretation!

Comparative Study Aid

Amazing Illustrations

Includes 13 amazing full-color, original drawings by artist Kaori Hamura Long!

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Praise for Young Yogi

Praise for Young Yogi

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Find out more about Young Yogi's journey...

Mr Shiva

What People are saying about
Young Yogi and the Mind Monsters!

Edwin Bryant

Author of The Yoga Sūtras of Patanjali

Yogi and the Mind Monsters is a richly evocative and captivating tale that will be welcomed by yogi parents seeking tools to instill Patanjali's seemingly daunting yoga philosophy into their children.

The craft of illustrated story telling comes alive here, with lessons on the power of Yoga in abundance on every page!

Author of Yoga and the Luminous




Christopher Key Chapple

Zoë Slatoff

Author of Yogāvatāranam

Though written as a book for children, this book is a treasure for adults, too. I am already hoping there will be a sequel to take us through the rest of the Yoga Sūtras!

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